Hi! I'm Josiah Mackenzie, and I make money for my business partners by helping them use technology to increase their visibility and deliver better service to their customers.

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Right now, I'm preparing to open my own luxury resort and meeting space in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2020. To do this, I'm taking my technology knowledge gathered from 8 years of running software companies, and applying it for the hospitality and travel industry, events and conferences, among others.

I'm publisher of Hotel Marketing Strategies - the web's #1 source of original hotel marketing advice - where I share insider tips and success stories with 15,000 people each month, including:

"Hotel Marketing Strategies is a vibrant community of highly original information that explores the real-world application of emerging technology and trends to drive top-line growth and to deepen customer relationships - so essential in today’s economic climate. It's no wonder that thousands of hospitality executives and marketers follow Josiah; he’s at the forefront in helping to demystify technology to enrich the customer, employee and shareholder alike. I highly recommend becoming a fan!"
- William Brown, Miami, USA

"I teach marketing in a hotel management school in Paris and I will be referring all my students to your blog as a great resource!"
- Lisa, Paris, France

I'd rather others talk about me, and so here are some other nice things people have said about my work:

"Even though I am not in the same hospitality business, Josiah is giving me a lot of knowledge on the industry. His sharing of information is very helpful, and I pass this knowledge to many colleagues that work with me. 2 thumbs up Josiah!"
- Marc Bourdeau, Indonesia

"A godsend for young independent hoteliers like myself. In addition to providing an interesting read, Josiah raises vital issues that make me sit up and think."
- Mihir Nayak, India

"Josiah offers the best practical tips and keen insight on trends to enhance your presence in the virtual marketplace. Even a veteran marketing professional can learn something from Josiah's insight."
- Bill Quiseng, Michigan, USA

"Josiah really has a brilliant understanding of the critically important areas to focus on to deliver online revenue. He is very experienced and always watches out for new ideas or systems which you can employ to maintain your competitive advantage online."
- Ciaran Delaney, Ireland

"Josiah's blog is a must read for any marketer. If you're a marketer in hotels/tourism at any level, absorb, digest and pass on his "freemium" content, but always consider that if any consultant has stuff THIS good to give away for free, think how much value you can get if you hire them to work directly on your business to help you find solutions unique to your needs!"
- Tom McCallum, Cayman Islands

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